A day in the life of an investment banking analyst


So the most obvious question for every aspiring banker / intern is what exactly do you do on a day to day basis? Below is an outline of a first year analyst’s typical day but remember that your days will fluctuate wildly given the nature of the job. In reality there is no typical day.


8.15am… wake up to the alarm, turn over and check emails, a couple that I have to answer but nothing urgent, back to sleep for 15 minutes

8.30am… out of bed with a struggle, shower and walk to train

8.55am… on train, start replying to emails now for journey and when done check Snapchat and Facebook

9.30am… arrive at office… the analyst corner is still very quiet as the remaining analysts slowly make way their way into the office… get a large cup of coffee from kitchen, fill water bottle and eat protein bar while reading latest headlines

9.45am… get a response to one of the emails replied to earlier from associate who wants to see how I arrived at a leverage calculation. When reviewing it, I realize that he probably included different items in his debt calculations so email him detailed response explaining how I did it and why I included items

10.00am… time to get started on model I started yesterday… stayed till 3am last night spreading financials in model… need to review them but will leave it until later as prefer to just keep cranking on getting the model built… It is definitely my favorite part of job… I have my earphones in, I am lost in excel and trying to get the model built… it’s fun… relatively

10.03am… associate writes back an annoying email… his curt response frustrates me…it’s like he didn’t even read my email… always the same… I craft long reply

10.17am… associate comes to my desk before I can hit send… we talk it over and reach agreement so I spend next 30 mins updating that presentation for new leverage calculations

10.45… back to model

12.15… got some solid work done on model so will go for lunch with another analyst… there is good comradery on the floor but I really only go for lunch with one or two of my close buddies… talk the usual stuff about other colleagues and sports… we go to a new Asian place close by… cheap, healthy and fast… perfect really

12.45… back to a mark-up on my desk from a different associate on a project I have no interest in… I don’t know why she cares so much about this long shot M&A pitch but I have to do it anyways… I look through mark-up… Realize that it will take a while so call her and ask when does she need to see it by. Tomorrow morning is her response which is fine

1pm… have to open a call on the project where I am building model… listen in for hour but internal call between senior guys and nothing relevant to what I am working on so start browsing sports news and messaging my buddy about what he thought of lunch

2pm… email from friend at another bank about tickets to game on Friday night… spend 30 minutes thinking whether I will go… decide to go in the end

2.30pm… realize I have to get the model done quickly so crank away for a couple of hours… reply to emails throughout but make pretty good progress… Not done but will have it done by later this evening

5.30pm… quick catch-up with senior team before they leave for the day… I give them update on model but they really want to talk about the layout of pages… mainly focused on pages that associate will prepare so I drift off thinking about game on Friday

6.15pm… meeting drags on… make a group order for dinner with analysts

7pm… Dinner with analysts

8pm… really wanted to go to gym tonight but am feeling tired now and have a lot of work still to do… need to get model done and also the mark up… prioritize mark up and crank through it…

10.15pm… feel a little more energized… mark up wasn’t as bad as expected so got it done

10.30pm… hit gym for 45 mins on treadmill… I needed it

11.30… stay late till I get the model finished

3am… Uber home

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