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Mastering Technicals (Coming Soon)

The technical section of the interview is the most feared part of the investment banking interview. We fully understand and appreciate why people may have serious concerns and reservation about the technical questions but we are going to provide you a framework here which will allow you reduce your stress in interviews and significantly improve your chances of crushing the technical interview.

Our technical section is unique.

We provide all the questions that are required to get an investment banking internship. If you know and understand what is included in our book, you will crush any technical test

However, equally important, we provide the theory behind the questions because we want you to go beyond the rote memorization that so many applications use.

Why is the above important? Why not just have a list of 200 questions?

When we were preparing for our interviews, we excelled at rote memory and found other sources outstanding at providing us questions to memorize the answers to. But we found there was something missing. There was no real guide that combined the theory with the questions. Most find theory without the context of the questions is a waste of valuable time in the run up to the interview but it will be the most important time you spend. Thus, we have tried to keep the theory short and informative so you just have enough information to fully understand the question you are asked and more importantly, the answer you will give.

We provide you with the framework upon which to answer these questions and explain how the topics relate to the questions

  • a. There are structures that you should use to answer questions and we will help you with them
  • b. There are behavioral approaches that assist you in preparing for the interviews

The alternative – the learning the 400 questions by heart – the learning for the sake of learning and not understanding the core concepts will not get you the top internships.

All graduates who get internships based on merit, understand the technical concepts well.

Some lucky ones will be able to scrape past the interview using this but will fail dramatically on the job when they just don’t get it

Thus, as our mission statement says “we are preparing you for success in the interview and on the job” with the second part being just as important

Finally, we love finance, we love valuation and we hope we can impart beneficial advice from our resources to help you secure your dream job.

Feel free to reach out to us to ask any questions; shoot us a note at:

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