Crush the Investment Banking Recruitment Process


Get the most comprehensive guide available on investment banking recruiting.


Get the most comprehensive guide available on investment banking recruiting.


Do you want a job in investment banking? Do you want to know how the recruiting process works from start to finish? Do you want to start earning serious dollars on Wall Street?

If your answer is yes, you are in the right place.

Crushin’ IB Recruiting is the best book available on investment banking recruiting.

With upwards of 100 pages in content, it explains investment banking recruiting in great detail. We provide you with all the necessary information you need to succeed in getting your dream job.

Our “Networking to IB Success” focused on just the networking aspect of recruiting to secure the interview.

Here we get in to much more detail on the recruiting process. We start with a detailed introduction to investment banking, particularly around the differences between banks and groups within them. You will learn about the different culture in amongst banks and groups and why these cultural differences are important in your decision making process because yes, you will have to choose between multiple offers when you purchase this book.

We also go into detail on the recruiting timeline, where you need to be at each stage, the summer internship itself along with the dos and don’ts.

Of course, we discuss resumes and cover letters too – you can’t forget them. We give you five free resume and cover letter samples.

From the initial introductory emails and informational calls to crafting the perfect resume to crushing your interview, this book provides a step by step approach along the way.

Catered for both analysts and associates entering the industry, it will act as your constant companion throughout the process.

Do you want an internship in investment banking? Do you want a full time position as an analyst or associate in your dream group on Wall Street or in the City?

If the answer is yes, buy “Crushin’IB Recruiting”to secure your dream job


A final word for applications from non-target schools

Networking correctly is particularly important for non-core school students. We know – some of us here at WSU came from non-traditional backgrounds too. We appreciate and understand your position – our book will help you each succeed. As a non-target school candidate, it takes a lot of initiative to get yourself on the interview list but we can help you. “Crushin’ IB Recruiting” will provide a proven method to recruiting success.