Security Analysis, Benjamin Graham & Graham Dodd

book-1616087_1920Ever wondered where Buffet learned to invest? There are usually always two – a master and an apprentice. Benjamin Graham was Warren Buffet’s professor at Columbia University. He taught Buffet the fundamentals of investing and Buffet merits Graham as his teacher. Essentially, this book is a first class education in investment. It is a comprehensive guide of biblical proportions that breaks down how to invest in common stocks and bonds. Although dense, the detail is outstanding and provides a solid framework from which to learn and think about your investment decisions. Newer versions contain forewords from hedge fund managers, money managers and other investors to supplement the material covered in the original versions. The book is now an essential tool in the arsenal of any serious investor.

Read it, study it, and apply it – you will be a better investor because of this book.



‘Security Analysis: Sixth Edition, Foreword by Warren Buffett’ on Amazon

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